Leadership Development

Program Coordinator
Cassy Beekman (Independent)

Associate Coordinator
Dan Terrio (Whitman College)

Committee Chair
Jackie Barretta (Willamette University)


  • Up and coming leadership development. A cohort training program for emerging leaders at NWACC member institutions. The program is designed to build core IT leadership skills, address practical technology leadership issues in higher education, and build relationships within the cohort. Each cohort consists of   individuals selected for the program based on their work history, a letter of nomination from the applicant’s CIO, and the applicant’s career goals, aspirations, and desired outcomes from the cohort experience. Participants commit to attend three cohort camps (each camps is approximately three days) during an 12-month period.
  • New CIO mentorship. When a new member representative to the NWACC Council is also new to the role of CIO, the Leadership Development Committee may offer the new CIO the opportunity of a NWACC member mentor.
  • CIO council member development. In 2022, NWACC CIO Council Members will participate in a leadership development retreat focused around specific themes.


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