Strategic Issues

NWACC CIO Council Members
Abhijit Pandit, University of Oregon (Chair)
Ryan Bass, Portland State University
Travis Nation, Seattle University

The Strategic Issues program focuses primarily on strategic issues that affect our institutions and NWACC CIOs as leaders within their organizations. Information Technology at our institutions is becoming more strategically important each year. Our efforts can help with cost-saving, efficiency increases, student success, and more. Many of our schools are experiencing difficulties with respect to enrollment, funding, cyberthreats, and more. Our schools will benefit from greater collaboration among NWACC CIOs on approaches that can be taken to address these types of issues. It may also help NWACC CIOs become more influential as thought leaders and problem solvers for their institutions.

The core of this program is to advance communication and collaboration among the members of the CIO Council. Though it concentrates on issues related to technology it also looks more broadly at all ways that CIOs and IT organizations can help their institutions meet a wide variety of challenges. The program encompasses in-person as well as online events, drawing upon both Council members and outside speakers.


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