Jeremy Cucco

Jeremy is the Associate Vice President for Technology Services and Chief Information Officer at the University of Puget Sound. He has been with the university since 2015 and was promoted to the role of Chief Information Officer in 2016. Jeremy holds an undergraduate degree in Network Security from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia and a graduate certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Business Strategy and Innovation.

Prior to his arrival at the University of Puget Sound, Jeremy spent fifteen years in the Pentagon working for both the US Marine Corps and US Army. As the Information Systems Technical Lead for the United States Marine Corps, he was responsible for developing and building the Marine Corps cloud computing environment, Service Oriented Architecture-based tactical and enterprise environments, and developing mobile communications systems built on satellite and terrestrial-based communications platforms. Additionally, Jeremy worked for many years in the US Army’s human and signal intelligence community developing standards and technologies around the use of biometrics for identification and authentication.

Jeremy is active in community-based non-profit organizations and has served as Executive Director on two orchestra boards of directors. Jeremy’s wife, Olivia, is the budget manager for the Federal Aviation Administration’s western operations and his son, Will, is a nationally-ranked competitive cyclist.