2020 Special Topics Videoconference

June 9, 2020

Solving for Integration in the Cloud(s)


A majority of institutions now have footprints in the cloud/SaaS space, or are quickly moving to implement enterprise systems in that space. Critical to our success is the integration of our complex mix of systems, including both on-premise and cloud deployments. Our first 2020 Special Topics videoconference will bring in two of the leading vendors in the cloud integration market, Boomi and Mulesoft, to help answer top-of-mind questions relating to costs, benefits, and value in the highly important integration space. Members are invited to include your enterprise application integration architect for this workshop (or the person that best fits this role).


Tuesday, June 9th, via Zoom (all times PDT)

9:00am – Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15am – Vendor Session: Dell/Boomi

Facilitators for Boomi Panel Discussion: 

Chris Wessells, Sr. Higher Education Strategist, Dell Technologies, Former CIO University of San Diego
Chris Grim, Boomi Alliance Manager

Higher Education Panelists for Boomi:

Bradley Reneer, Software Engineer, Brigham Young University
Sean Vanderheiden, Sr Project Manager / Middleware Architect, OHSU
Brian Merrick, Enterprise Integration Architect, Boise State University

The number and sources of data in every organization is increasing. The distributed nature of Higher Education institutions makes this problem particularly acute. Increasing complexity leads to increased challenges in ensuring that data is accurate, timely, managed consistently and trusted. The session will include a panel of University leaders that will describe how they breakdown data and application silos, unite legacy and cloud applications to create improved services and to increase engagement of students, faculty, alumni, parents, employees and faculty. Boomi helps them to:

  • Reduce costs and eliminate redundant products
  • Leverage co-development and teams to prevent rework
  • Create a center of excellence using a common platform
  • Build a sustainable IT environment founded on an array of Boomi resources

10:00am – Member discussion and short break

10:15am – Vendor Session: Mulesoft

Facilitators for Mulesoft Discussion:

Jon Millard, Regional Vice President
Harsh Karmarkar, Regional Executive, Office of the CTO
Michaela Mezo, Vice President, Community Colleges, SalesForce

MuleSoft will share their experience with trends in the higher education landscape and common integration challenges, provide an overview of the MuleSoft platform and approach, and share how educational institutions have cost effectively adopted, operated and scaled their integrations.

11:00am – Member discussion, feedback, next steps

11:30am (ish) – Adjourn

Vendor sessions will include about 30 minutes of presentation (architecture, benefits/value, TCO, use cases), followed by Q&A.