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NWACC Single Sign-On Workshop

A peer workshop on the topic of Single Sign-On was held Friday, October 24th at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Joe St. Sauver, Director of User Services and Network Applications at the University of Oregon served as the Facilitator for the workshop. Among the issues discussed at the meeting were security, technical feasibility, integration challenges, persistent credentialing across heterogeneous platforms and services, special considerations for single sign-on within academic computing environments, dealing with sign-on to multiple organizational domains, sign-on to commercial vendors (such as proprietary database providers) via college or university networks, and a consideration of the costs and benefits of pursuing a single sign-on strategy.

Twenty-six people from 18 different NWACC member institutions participated in the workshop (and there was a waiting list). Comments from attendees indicated that Joe St Sauver did an excellent job as facilitator and that the "peer discussion" approach was very successful. Specific feedback: on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 was the best, the attendees rated the overall workshop content as 4.48; the value of networking with peers in this setting, 4.8, the logistics, 4.8, and the likelihood of attending another NWACC workshop as 4.8. All participants wished to be included in an NWACC-hosted listserv so that they could continue the "peer networking" initiated at the workshop. The total cost of the workshop was approximately $2,000.


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