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Foundation for the Web: HTML, CSS, and XML (the "WebTrio")

April 3-5, 2003
Oregon State University

Mobile Technology Solutions Laboratory


On April 3-5, the Foundation for the Web: HTML, CSS, and XML (the "WebTrio") Workshop was held in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State University. The workshop was coordinated by David Porter of OSU and taught by Dr. Rob Rucker, Assistant Professor at Western International University (Phoenix, AZ). Dr. Rucker is responsible for curriculum design in the areas of Java and XML at WIU.

The 20 participants included representatives from roughly a quarter of NWACC member institutions including Eastern Washington University, Lewis & Clark College, Oregon Historical Society, University of Puget Sound, Whitman College, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University.

This workshop provided participants with basic knowledge and capability in three web technologies: HTML, CSS, and XML. These are the underlying technologies that are required for any executive, technical manager, or developer who is at all involved with the net or web technology. All participants received a CD containing additional material on these topics as well as hands-on exercises that helped to reinforce the concepts covered.

The majority of workshop participants who responded to a course evaluation form indicated that the workshop generally met or exceeded their expectations. A majority indicated that they would be able to apply the workshop material directly to their work and more than two thirds indicated that they would recommend the workshop to a friend.

J. David Porter, Ph.D.
Oregon State University

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