Leadership Development

Program Coordinator: Cassy Beekman (Independent)
Associate Coordinator  Dan Terrio (Whitman College)
Committee Chair: Jackie Barretta (Willamette University)

Program Components

  • Up and Coming Leadership Development - A cohort training program for emerging leaders at NWACC member institutions. The program is designed to build core IT leadership skills, address practical technology leadership issues in higher education, and build relationships within the cohort. Each cohort consists of   individuals selected for the program based on their work history, a letter of nomination from the applicant's CIO, and the applicant's career goals, aspirations, and desired outcomes from the cohort experience. Participants commit to attend three cohort camps (each camps is approximately three days) during an 12-month period.
  • New CIO Mentorship - When a new member representative to the NWACC Council is also new to the role of CIO, the Leadership Development Committee may offer the new CIO the opportunity of a NWACC member mentor.
  • CIO Council Member Development - In 2022, NWACC CIO Council Members will participate in a leadership development retreat focused around specific themes.

Instructional Technology

Program Coordinator: Hae Okimoto (University of Hawaii)
Associate Coordinator: Amy Greene (The Evergreen State College)
NWACC Council Liaison: Dan Ewart (University of Idaho)

Program Components

  • An annual Roundtable on key topics in instructional technologies.
  • Recognition of instructional technology leadership and outstanding practices, the collaborative development and deployment of instructional technology tools.
  • Peer networking.
  • NWACCo: Collaborative project by NWACC instructional technology participants to develop an open, online resource around educational technologies.

Workshop information.
Information about the Award for Innovation in Instructional Technologies.


Program Coordinator: Adrian Irish (University of Montana)
Associate Coordinator: Jodi Ito (University of Hawai'i)
NWACC Council Liaison: Brad Christ (Eastern Washington University)

Program Components

  • Cybersecurity workshops, expert presentations, best practice sharing, peer networking, and other collaborative activities designed to enhance network and information security expertise at member institutions.
  • Ongoing collaboration with REN-ISAC.

Workshop information.


Program Co-Chairs: Marianne Colgrove, Reed College/NWACC; Kun Lin, Whitman College/Orbis Cascade Alliance

Program Components

NWHeat is a collaboration between Orbis Cascade Alliance and NWACC to advance our common goal of ensuring digital services, information systems, learning technologies, instructional and scholarly resources are equitably accessible to all users. Our overarching goal is to cultivate a community of practice among faculty and staff supporting digital accessibility on their campuses through a series of professional development opportunities and by facilitating sharing of best practices, knowledge and resources. Learn more at https://nwheat.org/.

Special Topics

Committee Chair:  Ginny Tomlinson (Central Washington University)

The Special Topics program is designed to assist NWACC Council members in identifying emerging higher education information technology trends, understanding their impact, and formulating strategies by which their institutions can either exploit these trends or (safely) ignore them. The program consists of periodic workshops, white papers, and other activities designed to evaluate, discuss, and share findings on topics that demand immediate analysis or deserve a deeper focus.

Recent Events:

Pursuing Anti-Racism and the Diversity Bonus for Strategic Advantage, Facilitated by Michael Cato, Bowdoin College, March 4, 2021

2019 Special Topics Council Meeting - Our Cloudy Future, April 29-May 1, 2019