2005 Proof of Concept Grant Awards

Project Coordinator
Project Title
Seta Bogosyan University of Alaska Fairbanks Hardware-in-the-Loop Robot Simulator
Jon Dorbolo Oregon State University OSUWrite: A University Blog Solution Proof of Concept
Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh Portland State University Optimization Techniques for Geovisualization and Spatial Decision-Making
Joel Elliott University of Puget Sound Using Digital Imaging and GPS/GIS Technologies to Map Biodiversity Patterns in Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitats
David Hansen George Fox University Give Students a Clue: An AI Course Project
Nariyo Kono Portland State University On-line Tool for Heritage Language Preservation and Learning
Scott Linneman Western Washington University Remote Landscape Observatory
Hang-Kwang Luh Oregon State University Web Loop Analysis: A Web-Based Computer Application to Model Complex Ecosystems
Jeff Magoto University of Oregon Amiga: A Web-Based Speech Tool for Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Marc Marenco Pacific University & the Pacific Institute for Ethics & Social Policy Effective Use of ICT in Teaching the Human Genome Project: A National, Regional, and Local Collaboration | Course Description
Bart Massey Portland State University Applications Of Open Software Defined Radio
Peter Moeck Portland State University Nanocrystallography Visualizations
Richard Wolff Montana State University Wireless Mobile Robots: A Tool for Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Instruction