2004 Proof of Concept Grant Awards

Project Coordinator
Project Title
Jeffrey Barlow Pacific University Trans-Pacific Interactive Classrooms
John Bowers Oregon State University Distance and Visual Interaction: Collaborative Development of an Original Open Source Online Interaction Tool and New Online General Education Humanities Design Course
Toni Doolen Oregon State University Comparative Evaluation of Costs and the Cost-Effectiveness of Mobile Wireless Technology in Undergraduate Engineering Courses
Carl Falsgraf University of Oregon PLACE: A Multimedia Speaking Tool to Improve Placement in Foreign Languages
Manoj Garg Portland State University MRU (Multiple Radio Unit) Wireless Network Pilot Project
Scott Kveton Oregon State University Open Source in University Research and Education: "The NWACC Open Source Community”
Jonathan Middleton Eastern Washington University Interactive Algorithms for Music Composition, Analysis, and Interdisciplinary Learning
Margaret Mortz Washington State University Collaborative Real-time Captioning using Speech Recognition in the Classroom
Mark Polishook Central Washington University Composing, Performing, and Programming
Marc Schlossberg University of Oregon Enhancing Citizen Participation with Mobile GIS/GPS Technology
James Tice University of Oregon The Nolli Map Web Site: Visualizing Rome
Jeff White University of Alaska Anchorage Online Writing Conference Environment

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