2003 NWACC Proof of Concept Grant Awards
Project Coordinator
Project Title
Patrick Bryan
Central Washington University Virtual Animal Dissection and Tutorial
Nancy Cheng University of Oregon Tracing Ideas Through Digital Sketching
Brad Hansen Portland State University Music Theory Mastery: Online Practice and Assessment
Kevin Kecskes Portland State University Building Community by Mapping Community-Higher Education Connections - Using an Internet Map Server (IMS) and GIS to Help Soup Kitchens, Salmon, Students, and More. . .
Stephen Lancaster Oregon State University Simulating Landscape Evolution in the Classroom with the Channel-Hillslope Integrated Landscape Development (CHILD) Model
John Murphy Linfield College County Parks and Century Farms: Integrating GIS into the Environmental Studies Curriculum and Collaborative Research at Linfield College
Jeffrey Parker Reed College Development of a Web-based Classroom Experiment on the Economics of Technical Innovation
Judy Patton Portland State University Four-year Electronic Portfolio System for Program Evaluation and Accreditation
Ron Reuter Oregon State University Linking PDA and GPS Technology for Assessment of Field Studies in Distance Education
Richard Sevenich Eastern Washington University An Embedded Linux Curriculum Based on a Personal Digital Assistant
Naomi Spellman Evergreen State College Site-Specific, Interactive Project on Mobile Computing Platform Utilizing Global Positioning System as Input