Fall 2010 CIO Summit

Technology Law, Policy, and Economics

June 9-11, 2010
Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington

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The NorthWest Academic Computing Consortium is pleased to announce its 2010 CIO Summit, to be held at Skamania Lodge, about 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon. This event brings together CIOs from the Northwest and nearby areas to discuss current issues and initiatives related to technology in research and instruction.

Speakers include: Gary Bachula, Vice President, Internet2;
Lev Gonick, CIO and Vice President for IT, Case Western Reserve University; Ken Klingenstein, Director, Internet2 Middleware and Security; Tracy Mitrano, Director of IT Policy and of Computer Policy and Law Program, Cornell University; Thomas Richards, Executive Director, OETC; and Madelyn Wessel, Associate General Counsel, University of Virginia.

In order to keep the Summit as interactive as possible, attendance is limited to NWACC Council Members and invited guests.