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Converging Campus Technologies: Evolution or Intelligent Re-Design?

2006 Annual Conference

June 7-9, 2006, DoubleTree Hotel Lloyd Center, Portland, OR

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The NorthWest Academic Computing Consortium is pleased to announce its annual conference: "Converging Campus Technologies: Evolution or Intelligent Re-Design?", to be held June 7-9, 2006, at the DoubleTree Hotel Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon. This event brings together CIOs, technology staff, and others from the Northwest and elsewhere to discuss current issues and initiatives related to technology in research and instruction.

About the theme: Campus technologies –– from handheld devices to network architectures –– are poised for an unprecedented level of convergence. Consumer technologies for telephone, music, and video transmission are merging quickly with academic technologies for instructional and research uses. IT organizations face an unusual challenge: Should they allow the natural evolution of converging products to drive campus strategies or proactively re-design technology resources to establish a convergent environment?

Featured speakers include: Greg Jackson, VP-CIO of the University of Chicago; Lois Brooks, Director of Academic Computing of Stanford University; Randy Stiles, VP for Information Management of Colorado College; Brad Noblet, Chief Operating Officer for IT, FAS of Harvard University; David Carr, Director of Telecommunications & Network Services of Northwestern University; and Joseph St Sauver, Director of User Services and Network Applications of University of Oregon. Click here to view the full program.

In order to keep the conference as interactive as possible, attendance is limited to 65 individuals.