Hugi Leadership Award

CHRIS FERGUSON - Awarded 2020

Through his development and stewardship of the NWACC Leadership Program, Chris Ferguson has guided, challenged, and inspired members of the higher education IT community to realize their full potential as exceptional leaders.

The thing that has impressed me the most about Chris is his openness, which can be found in the iterative and collaborative way he plans the camps; in his willingness to seek and carefully consider the feedback of camp participants to improve the experience for all involved; and in the way he has approached every conversation I've had with him thoughtfully and fully engaged. It takes a lot of energy and strength of character to remain that open, and I appreciate him greatly for it.”

- Mike Osterman, Whitman College, Cohort 4

DAVE TINDALL - Awarded 2017

For more than three decades, Dave Tindall provided information technology leadership for Seattle Pacific University. During that time, he guided the university through countless IT transitions, from the era of mainframe computing to the emergence of microcomputers, campus networks, learning management systems, smartphones, cloud computing, social networking, and so much more. Dave earned a Bachelors degree in Business and Economics (SPU-1975) and a Masters in Information Systems (SPU-1989); he later served as an adjunct faculty member in Computer Science and Business and Economics.

During his long career, Dave served on numerous regional and national committees and boards in the areas of information technology and business administration. In 1991, he became Seattle Pacific University's representative to NWACC and began his tenure as a distinguished contributor to the NWACC community. Over the course of a quarter century, Dave participated in a wide array of NWACC activities, including the Leadership Program Committee, the Grant Committee, and the External Relations Committee. His gift for leadership was amply demonstrated when he chaired the Awards Committee, the Nominating Committee, and ultimately the NWACC Board of Directors (2010-2012).

Through the years, Dave set the tone of many NWACC meetings with his warmth, wisdom, and wry sense of humor. In light of his leadership within Seattle Pacific University and the NWACC community, the Board of Directors is proud to recognize Dave Tindall with the 2017 NWACC Leadership Award.


JOHN LAWSON - Awarded 2016

The Board of Directors of the NorthWest Academic Computing Consortium is pleased to announce that Dr. John Lawson, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Western Washington University, has been chosen to receive the NWACC Leadership Award. The award is given to John in recognition of his contributions to NWACC and his exceptional leadership in advancing the use of technology in higher education.

John holds a doctorate (computer science, 1985), two master's degrees (geography and computer science, 1983) a bachelor's degree (geography, 1982), all from the University of Oregon. Although John hails from the Pacific Northwest, during his career he has led information technology organizations at Towson University, Pepperdine University, and Tulane University. During his tenure at Tulane he successfully coordinated IT recovery operations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Since joining the NWACC Council in 2006, John has offered valuable counsel and support to his fellow CIOs. As a two-term member of the NWACC Board of Directors, John has helped shape NWACC's programs, policies, and culture. The Hugi Leadership Award recognizes John's gift for collaborating with others and for his deep understanding of the benefits that technology can have in a university setting.


CURT PEDERSON - Awarded 2011

The Hugi Leadership Award honors Curt Pederson for his many years of service, leadership, and invaluable efforts to further the goals of NWACC, OSU, and computing in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Since joining the NWACC Council in 1997, Curt has served on the Executive Committee, the Membership Committee (chair), the Excellence Award Committee (chair), the Coho Open Source Study Committee, and the Nominating Committee.

In 1998, as chair of the Membership Committee, Curt steered it through some very difficult conversations. His report, which was delivered in October 1998, outlined a coherent transition plan from NWACC’s earlier role (as an internet service provider) to its new role (as a framework for IT collaboration in education and research). The report provided a thoughtful description of different classes and fees for membership and recommended that the door be opened to new members.

When the report was presented to the Board, it met stiff opposition from those who felt that NWACC's newly found wealth (from the sale of NorthWestNet) should not be diluted by sharing it with a larger membership. The report recommendation was put to a vote and soundly defeated, but Curt took it in good spirit and carried on the crusade. In 2003, he participated in a Membership Task Force that once again proposed admitting new members. This time the Board approved the recommendation and eventually NWACC opened its doors to new members. Without Curt's tireless efforts in support of inclusiveness, NWACC might have gone in a very different direction.